3 Pegs Down, Saket

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With the growing demand of nightlife in Delhi NCR, there we have many options available to party till midnight and then we have “3 Pegs Down”. The name itself connects with the party seekers. Its a gem for people seeking for night life in Delhi NCR.


This lounge is in District Centre in Saket. Its a big place with a humungous bar and performance area. The seating arrangements of the place is very creative and ingenious. The ambience of the place is very appealing, the raw textured walls, paintings, big cowboy souvenirs all around the place and that vintage salon door.

Unlike many other places, 3 Pegs Down opens their doors for customers daily @ 4pm and remains open till 12:30am. If you enjoy live band performance with boozing then this is the place to be. It is the one of the most happening party places of NCR. Besides food and drinks, they also serve hookahs. With varied options in food and drinks, they also run happy hours 4pm to 9pm daily.

Without any more adieu, will come to say about my personal experience for this place. Being there I really enjoyed, esp the music and their hospitality. The presentation of the food was very amusing. The food and drinks were to very toothsome. I had a fattoush salad, chargrilled mushrooms, family nachos plank, safed til paneer tikka, four season veg pizza and vada pav for bites accompanied by tiramisu for desserts and as for drinks there was old fashioned & lamborghini (flame tower).

On the whole, all three were good to have i.e food, drinks and desserts. My verdict would be:

Food 4/5

Drinks 4.5/

Ambience 4.5/5


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  1. Dr Bushra says:

    Love those delicious platters And live band sounds interesting Wanna try this soon

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  2. Amrit Kaur says:

    I love to visit places that offer live bands. The food looks delicious too. I would love to try out this place.


  3. This looks delicious . I am Loving the safed till tikka and wada pav. This drink look great too.Thank you for sharing

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  4. The food looks so amazing. Wanna make a visit here soon.

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  5. I have been here a month back. The ambience and the food both are good enough.

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  6. Revathy says:

    Places with live music are my favorites

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  7. newsontube says:

    Nice econcept the food is very presentable

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  8. beautyissh says:

    the food looks super delicious and the ambience is great for youngsters

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  9. Sherry says:

    I have been here for two parties and I believe you’re right it is Definitely happening! I liked their Indian Food spread! Loved the Dal Makhni!


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  10. Mummasaurus says:

    Love the name – the drink with chocolate wafer rolls looks yum.


  11. Sounds nice. On my next visit to Saket, will drop into this place.

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  12. TheMomSagas says:

    Looks like a great place.

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  13. carkhanablog says:

    Lovely picture and a great write up

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  14. Amrit Kaur says:

    Live band sounds interesting and is the center of attraction for me. I would visit this place soon.

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  15. The food looks very appetising


  16. Namrata says:

    Food is looks so darn good! I’m literally checking out your post back to back for these yummy pictures 🙂


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